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Matthew Fish

Matthew Fish is a jack of all trades specializing in both digital paintings and video editing. He has experience in both photography and photo editing and his illustration skills and ease in converting client’s ideas is second to none. Plus he is a published author and poet, and can add the artistic touch to your vision that you desire. If you would like Matthew Fish to work on your piece, please check his name on the order form here.

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Printable Art

Areas in printable artwhere Matthew Fish works

digitalpaintings Digital Painting


photography Photography (Including Photo Editing)


illustrations Illustrations/Drawings



Areas in the Professional category


videos Video Work


writing Writing

For Fun

Areas that fall into fun and hobbies

sculptures Sculptures

parody Parody Videos



Matthew Fish is the more creative of the artists, so he can always assist in any project you have in mind, so feel free if you like his style to ask if he will work in a different medium.


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