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Matthew Fish has written over 10 books (with more on the way!) and you can pick them up from the links below in both Kindle format as well as print format. Matthew Fish specializes in young adult contemporary fiction but he is also skilled in poetry, adult fiction and children’s fiction. If you need the perfect poem or help with your big novel idea, run it by Matthew.  You can also purchase small stories to fit your needs, these can also be illustrated in the case of a children’s story. So, if you need to explain something but there just doesn’t seem to be a book out there for it, let Matthew Fish help you create your vision. If you really want a humorous book to give your best pal, let Matthew Fish’s famed humor create the perfect joke book personalized for your occasion.

  window   inrust  
  softland   softland2 awindowinthedarkness
firefliesinwinter   waitingforfireflies  
Fireflies in Winter   Waiting for Fireflies   Einstein and the Nuclear
Space Dolphins vs. The
Terrorist Comet Armageddon

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