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Jettychan has her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Illinois State University with a minor in East Asian Studies. She studied Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has a wide array of artistic interests including acrylic painting, scratchboard and printmaking, 3D modeling, and game design.  She loves to branch out and believes that everyone is an artist on the inside, they just need a bit of help getting it out. If you would like Jettychan to work on your piece, please check her name on the order form here.

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Fine Art

Areas in Fine art where Jettychan works

brain Painting

asian child Drawing

kodama3D & Jewelry

tatemae Printmaking



Areas in the Professional category

kittylogo Business Pieces

bbq 3D Renders

cake Wedding

For Fun

Areas that fall into fun and hobbies

vanille Cosplay

kitty Charity Chemo Pets

food Food

grasshopper Other


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