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Charity Chemo Pets

These are Chemo Pets, Chemo Pets are small stuff friends that have small pockets on the back that hold supplies that are not only helpful for cancer patients but also fun for non cancer patients as well. Each pet is custom made and can hold whatever the client prefers. The standard orders come with a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and a container of Chap Stick. However, custom jobs have included everything from nail supplies to breast cancer themed items. These pets can be made in the standard pet shape or may now be made in the shape of animals, pocket placement depends on kind of animals chosen. All sale from the Chemo Pets go to  running and updating Jetty’s Brain Book for Survivors, a comprehensive website for cancer survivors and their support circle and now running Ending Cancer in Our Generation an art community for anyone who has been affected by cancer in anyway. So, if you know someone who is battling cancer who would like a friend to escort them to treatment or just to keep them company by their bedside at home, or if you would like one for yourself to remind you of someone who is fighting this horrible disease, please order them. They can be ordered on Lagomorph Studios, and can be customized to fit your perfect vision of the Chemo Pet of your dreams.

Standard Chemo Pets
Pet Lovers Chemo Pets











Now All New Custom Chemo Pets!  
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The Linux Penguin

Coming Soon
The Linux Penguin


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