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Labyrinth Quilt





Labyrinth Quilt

This is an x-tra large sized quilt at 6ft X 3ft 8 inches and it is themed with the fantastic Labyrinth in all its glory. It includes all the main characters as well as a chosen saying of “Everything I’ve Done, I’ve Done for You!” This quilt includes all the main characters: Sarah, Jareth, Toby, Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosius in the middle with the Labyrinth, Goblin City and Castle in the background. It also includes a border of other vital character to the story including The Worm, The Fireys, The Junk Lady, Helping Hands, the Door Knockers, The Four Guards, and even the clock in which Sarah has thirteen house in which to solve the labyrinth before her baby brother becomes one of them forever. The backing is a soft bright colored fleece in an intricate pattern like the Labyrinth itself. It was made for an adult to put on their wall or bed so there is no need for a baby name hence the saying instead, so there is no need to not feel selfish and order one for yourself! This would be about $350 quilt if ordered but it will last for years and years.  Note this quilt is prepared acrylic paint with fabric medium making it permanent.



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