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3D modeling

3D modeling is a passion of Jettychan’s and she specializes in environments and props. However, she can create basic characters as well as small animations. Due to the time it takes to create these animations. It may be more beneficial for clients to go to Manneristic Studios to get your animation needs catered to. This studio does superior work and has a staff of animators, modelers, texturers, everyone you could need and every project is given the utmost care and consideration. Jettychan is a 3D artist at Manneristic Studios, so she can put in a good word for you too.  However if you are simply looking for a 3D modeled item or room, we can do that in house. 

Including in some pages are videos through Youtube, please make sure your system can play them before clicking.


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    Living Room Scene  





Kitchen Scene        
Characters & Others
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